CONGRATULATIONS to Ricardo Agbay and TeamDNA for achieving the Master Sales Award in 2016   (Top 11-20 Percentile of the Marketplace in Canada)


Dear Vivian,
We wanted to sincerely thank you for a wonderful home buying experience.  To be honest we were both dreading  the stress and time involved in buying a home. On the first day you immediately put our minds and heart at ease. We were both impressed by your empathy and compassion to our personal needs and requirements. You are so patient, and accommodating  that we felt completely safe and secure every step of the process. Vivian you are a real pleasure to work with. You always made me feel comfortable, and you were always eager to help find a solution to our requests. You are the first person we think of when we think about real estate. We recommend you to our friends and family, and now look forward to our next home purchase with you.
Cathy and Jim
(Bought house in Pickering)
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Thank you for visiting!  This is just one of the testimonials from our happy clients.  Please feel free to give us a call.   You can also fill in this contact form to send us an instant message.  Again, thanks for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Ricardo, Chris and Vivian
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